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Web Design: How Colours Can Help Your Company, Brand, or Website

Web Design How Colours Can Help Your Company, Brand, or Website

Selecting colours is one of the important things considered by a web design company. This is to say that, selecting the right colours for your brand can give recognition to your brand and website. A study on the effect of colour on mood showed that it had psychological effects on people. A perfect example is putting off the light in a cinema to enhance focus and keep you active and glued to the screen. That being said, here’s how colours can be beneficial to your website, brand, or company.

1. Colours Can Define Your Brand or Website

Your visitors can know the purpose of your blog at a glance. The colours you choose for your website should also reflect and be in line with your brand logo or identity.

If it is a fashion, car, or photography website, black is ideal for you. You can choose red if your brand is about food and related services. For websites covering nature and the environment, green would be ideal.

Understanding the psychology behind colours is important in choosing the right colours for your website. You can find resources on colour psychology online to understand how colours can define your brand and website.

2. Colours Can Incite a Call-To-Action

Bright primary and secondary colours such as green (as in “sign up” buttons), yellow, and orange (for “add to cart” options in eCommerce sites), can trigger anxiety needed for visitors to take action.

You would always know that a text is a hyperlink if it is cyan or blue. Using the right colours creates a good psychological atmosphere for your readers to take action when necessary.

3. Colours Can Assure Trust and Security

Wondered why top websites and social apps use blue as a major color for their platforms? Your guess is as right as security and trust. Blue is also ideal for calm, as it is for ice.

As a web designer or web design company, understanding colours can help in building trust and security. People want to know that their private information is safe with your website, and so using the right colours can give them such a notion.

4. Colours Can Hook Your Audience or Visitors to Your Website

The goal of every blog post is to keep your audience and make them long for more of your content. Choosing the right colours can make this happen and keep them for a longer time on your website.

The more time your audience spends on your website, the higher the profitability of your website. A web design company that understands colour psychology should know how to effectively use colours to design websites that can keep visitors hooked on your site.

White is usually used for the background of web pages. This aids readability of your website’s contents. The reflection from white backgrounds is important to see contents clearly and understand the purpose of the contents.

Don’t make your website too plain, too bright, or too dark. Ensure modesty when selecting colours for your website. This aids readability and gives the right perception to your web visitors.

5. Colours Bring Orderliness to Your Website.

A web design company uses CSS to design web pages. This is to ensure orderliness and create an effective view for your audience.

A well-designed website should strike a colour balance to avoid disorderliness and incomprehensibility to your website visitors.


Having a well-designed website by a web designer or a web design company is good to ensure that your website gets to it’s maximum potential, drives traffic, and gets profitable to you.

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