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The Importance of Having a Website Post-Lockdown

The Importance of Having a Website Post-Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic saw a massive boom in the use of the Internet all over the world. Businesses that were not online missed out on great opportunities. It was a wake-up call for businesses that were still sleeping on the power of digitising their brands.

A study showed that internet use increased from 40% to 100% globally. That’s to say that if you do not have a website yet, you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities. Try hiring a web design company to help you through the process of launching your business website, as there are so many benefits to having a website post-lockdown.

1. Your Business is Promoted

More people started using social media and the internet to find solutions to problems, follow news updates, and check for recommendations following the covid-19 period.

This means your business will thrive and get to more audiences if you have a website. A professional website by a web design company will give you an edge in design and present your business with a clearly defined objective.

2. You Can Build Your Portfolio as a Freelancer

Freelancing grew rapidly during the covid-19 period. Over 38% of employees in the US alone, were asked to work from home. To have an edge and generate leads post-lockdown, you need to get a professional website and have your landing page SEO-optimized.

Brands are always looking for professional freelancers who can work remotely. Your website can serve as your portfolio and market you as a professional freelancer to meet up this demand. You can use SEO to rank as a content marketer or copywriter so that prospects can find you easily.

3. You Can Reach More Customers

People are looking for faster ways to contact your services and reach out to you. Your web design company should design and structure your website to allow your customers and prospects to contact you easily.

Google My Business is another important online tool that you use to get listed, searched, and found online by potential customers. You can create a website and professional mail and build your brand’s credibility.

4. You Get Digital Exposure

As a small business, you can thrive digitally and maximize profit. Getting a website gives you digital exposure. You can see what other brands in your niche are doing, read reviews, and improve your services.

You can also use SEO search keyword tools and results to build a better brand, diversify your portfolio, and learn new things in other fields. This may include, web designing or starting up a web design company, content marketing agency, sales management, etc.

5. You Get Opportunities

Opportunities do not come knocking on your door, even if it does, you need to be prepared for it, or watch it slide past you. Having a website creates room for opportunity for you and keeps you prepared for more.

You can be an affiliate marketer, sell your products, or do freelancing remotely and part-time. A study showed that affiliate marketers and freelancers earned money actively just by engaging products on their blogs or taking copywriting or designing gigs.


Creating a website is now as easy as possible, but a lot of work has to be done to ensure you keep up to par with your competitors. You can hire a web design company or agency to help you handle these issues while you tackle the most pressing issues on how to market your business.

A good website is your starting point to a successful business online. You can use Keyword search tools and Google tools to keep up to date with trends and propel your business to a broader audience.

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