Spend less than an hour each week planning your content that gains leads.

Finally, a content calendar that allows you to plan, create, analyse and gain leads through organic posting. No more wasting money on ads that don’t convert or time on posts that don’t gain reach.

Explode your content and gain a consistent flow of ongoing leads.

Social Elevator Content Planner example (1)

It’s different

There are many content planners out there but none quite like this. I could give you pre-written posts that are bland and impersonal because an agency wrote them to target all sectors and all audiences. Instead I’ve created a calendar full of content ideas that allows you to analyse what your audience wants to see and what they will engage with. Using this information to design posts that create leads.


But what if I struggle

I’ve gone one step further and broke the calendar down into a simple structure that you can update weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The calendar walks you through each process. It gives you a chance to outline your target audience, think which posts could be simple to create and preplan all your content for 1, 2 or 3 months. From this you can either schedule it or prepare it for daily posting. On top of that we’ve created an analysing sheet which isn’t too complicated and actually works.


So why does it work

Hi there, I’m Chris, 37, from Sheffield and I like Football, Ice hockey, F1, Doctor who and Star Trek. Okay, that is definitely more information than you’ll actually need. But it’s also how you need to approach social media with personality, being open, showing the love for what you do, and building relationships. After all people buy from people.


I’ve worked in the digital marketing sector for over 16 years, originally as a video producer but now an all-round content creator. But my content isn’t flashy, you won’t find images of walking off a private jet or driving a Ferrari because that’s not what my audience wants to see. I’m a small business that works with other small businesses and my posts reflect everything I teach. Easy to make, engaging and lead generating content.


I make a living from doing the exact thing I teach. So, I know it works.


What you need to know

– Social media posts are not a one size fits all. You have to use content that connects to your audience and includes your personality. The next post depends on the success of the last post. This simple mindset can change how you create content and avoid constantly getting zero likes or comments.

– Content is based on 3 things

  1. being an authority,
  2. building a connection and getting people emotionally attached and,
  3. Solving their issues (aka pain points).

– Successful posts work when they’re based more on who your targeting not how glossy it looks. That’s why in the content calendar we first plan out who we’re targeting and what we want to offer.

– Over selling decreases sales. No one wants to be sold to, particularly when they’re using social media as people are there to browse and relax, not for sales posts. Give information, become trusted and reduce your sales bases posts. Allow people to believe it’s their choice to buy.


But before you buy, read the disclaimer:

– This content calendar will save you hours each week thinking of what content to post. But it will not post for you and you’ll still need to put the effort in. If you don’t want to save the £000’s that this calendar can save you each month then please consider an agency that will post on your behalf.

– This calendar will not make you an overnight millionaire. We designed and tested the content calendar to work for small businesses. To help them organically grow their business over a short period of time, and from there enhance it further. It will help you gain leads that are more likely to convert.

– People buy from people that they trust. The content calendar is about saving you time when posting so you can comment and engage with those that have expressed an interest. You have to be willing to nurture a lead by responding to comments and building a relationship. I can advise in the Digital Growth Club free Facebook group if you need extra support.

Supported and Loved Worldwide Real Customers Reviews

I have been working with Chris at social Elevator to launch my new business, I can’t thank Chris enough for all his help so far he is upbeat and positive in all the work he does and nothing is too much trouble . I look forward to working with Chris for a long time, Onwards and upwards.

I can't recommend Social Elevator highly enough.I am fortunate to have benefited from much more than social media advice and guidance. I have benefited from a genuine care that Chris and Becca have for my business. With constant improvements and fresh ideas my social media presence and knowledge has helped me establish my business very quickly.

Chris goes that extra mile when explaining changes and concepts and with his video, filming an animation I would challenge you to find a more complete service provider.

I would 100% recommenced Social Elevator!


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