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5 Types of Content You Should Be Sharing on Social Media

Blogs, photos and videos
Social media is a good place to begin your digital marketing strategy, you can use it for making
connections, attracting customers and keeping up to date with anything and everything.
With this in mind, if you want to attract an audience for your business, you’ll need to create some
content on a blog then share, share, share! You can even follow other bloggers who are in the same
industry as you and you can help each other by sharing each other’s businesses on your page. Help
yourself by getting the word out there by posting relevant videos, photos and even snippets of your
blog. But your blog should be related to the business you’re in to make it more reachable.

User-generated content
Also commonly known as UGC, it is any form of content related to your business that is shared
online by someone other than you or your employees. So, it could be a video or photo shared on
social media or even a review via a blog. Basically, something shared by a non-paid contributor that
gets the word about your business out there. It allows you to communicate and interact with your
audience and engaging with your followers creates trust and makes you more reliable.

Industry related and complementary news
This means keeping your followers up to date and showing them that you are also up to date with
what’s going on in the world by sharing articles that are related to your business. Remember to
make articles diverse to keep consumers interested.
If you share the original creator’s link to said article, they will thank you for it and probably do the
same for you by sharing something of yours back and this gets you moving along in the industry and
gets you known.

Inspirational quotes and images
It’s no secret that everyone loves to feel inspired and motivated. Photos and posts with inspiring
content often attract the most attention and are shared online all the time. If you have the right
tools to create and share your own, this would certainly help associate a certain quote to your
company and make you more well known but try to make it related to your companies’ brand and

Company updates and promotional offers
Keeping your followers up to date with your company is essential. It lets them know what’s going on
behind the scenes and encourages engagement between the business and consumers. One of the
ways you can do this is by sharing milestones big or small.

The other way is by promotional offers like discounts. You’re more likely to attract customers if you
share deals and discounts from your business, not everyone will be on your email subscription list so
it’s always a great idea to advertise offers on your page and to keep people up to date by posting
updates regularly. Be consistent.