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Learn how to build an online community and develop a business strategy to gain leads, perfect for any situation.

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Why is this free webinar right for you?

I appreciate that it’s a really difficult time in business, particularly finding ways to promote and sell our services. You’re probably asking if we should post, or do we not? If we do what do we say and how do we say it? Should we sell or offer our services? What’s right, what’s wrong? And how can we get through this?

Again, there are so many questions we’re all looking for answers too. But for me, the biggest issue is more about mindset than ability because even though the world has temporarily changed the way social media operates hasn’t. We just need to use it a little differently.

If you’re finding yourself holding back, worried about what’s right and wrong, or just clutching at straws and digging for sales using online technology than this is the free webinar for you.

Look who's talking

Steve Knapp


The sales plan

What should be in your business plan and how this relates to gaining leads online. Consider the purpose, the need and what is 'chasing the dream'

The Buying Journey

Building the right mindset to find your customers and understanding the new buying cycle during the current pandemic.

Next steps

So where do you go from here and make more sales in the current crisis?

Chris Edwards


Building online communities

Why we need to slow down when trying to sell online and why building on our communities is still, if not more important.

Consistency and personality

Never stop being you and why a friendly face will always outsell unpersonal sales post

Buying journey

What is a social media buying journey and why is it important to the way you sell online.

Join the people that are making it work

Honestly, there is no golden bullet that can guarantee everything is going to be ok. We wish there was, but with some additional knowledge, a strategy and hard work you can build a sales process using social media that can make a difference to the leads you gain during this current Coronavirus pandemic. 

This is a free webinar, where a maximum of 25 people will have access to watch Steve Knapp and Chris Edwards discuss their thoughts and opinions on what will work for you to gain more leads during this current pandemic. You will also be able to ask questions live and get the answers you need.


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