Wouldn't it be great to Know what content to create and post quickly?

Creating content and posting can be easy if you have the right plan. And the plan doesn't have to be complex if you have the right guide.

Set goals

What do you need to get from social media? Work out how many sales need come from waht you post to generate the income you need.

Know your target audience

Everyone is not your ideal audience. Instead this book encourages you to take a product and break down the idea audience you should be targeting that month.

Plan and schedule your content

90% of the problem is not having a plan, this fixes that giving you the ability to plan what should be in each post and when to post.

Analyse your results

Look back at your success to find out what worked and when.

Using our social media content planner and analysis booklet you’re able to plan your content for the upcoming 3 months, taking into account what you have planned or scheduled each month, week and day. Social media needs personality and where better to get that than bringing your business and work life online and engaging with an audience. Our workbook gives you the opportunity to sell without over-zealous sales posts that annoy, rather then engage. Our booklet gives you the opportunity to plan and schedule content, or plan and remind yourself what to post each day. No more spending and wasting hours each day trying to think of what to write and when to post, this allows you to do that quickly and effectively in advance when you have time.

Our workbook also allows you to create and use engaging content to build a tribe of followers that admire and trust you for what you do, no more pre-brought templated content that’s been used by many others all competing for the same audience. This workbook with complete page-by-page guides encourages and allows you to create truly original and creative content. 


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