Taking your events online, Webinar

Learn what you should be considering when taking your services online and building events to promote and engage with your audience. A vital webinar for the currernt times.
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We are currently going through the most difficult time that the majority of us will have ever experienced. Life has changed, social interaction has changed and the way we run and promote our business has definitely changed. Particularly for those who ran or participated in events. 

Zoe Wadsworth and I are running a short webinar to explain the benefits of going online and if your product or service can be easily created online or what changes should be considered. Additional to that we’re going to be discussing the available platforms and costs when building an online event. You’ll have access to ask questions via our live comments board, you won’t need to be on video.

This webinar isn’t just for those that currently run events but also those looking to open up their businesses to a new avenue of income or finding a new avenue of customers.
With only 25 places please register your interest for Fridays Webinar.

Look who's talking

Zoe Wadsworth


Going online

Why going online and building an event is super important to the growing success of your business. How do you juggle this within your mind and change your way of thinking?

Getting the most out of your event

How do you maximise your potential online and get the most out of your event.

The best platforms

What type of events can go online, the best platforms to use and their benefits

Chris Edwards


Building online communities

Why we need to slow down when trying to sell online and why building on our communities is still, if not more important.

Consistency and personality

Never stop being you and why a friendly face will always outsell unpersonal sales post

Buying journey

What is a social media buying journey and why is it important to the way you sell online.

Adapt and improve

Honestly, there is no golden bullet to building online events, particularly if you have the mindset of ‘build it and they will come’. Planning out your online course and promoting it to gain attendees takes time which can turn some people off, but this is your business and at the moment we all need to be online to make our businesses work and we’ll be discussing that change in mindset.

This is a free webinar, where a maximum of 25 people will have access to watch Zoe Wandsworth and Chris Edwards discuss their thoughts and opinions on what will work, how to promote and how to gain more leads for your business using an online event during this current pandemic. You will also be able to ask questions live and get the answers you need.


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